This small business, located in central Indiana, offers

unique Public Programs in:

               ..Outdoor Team-Building

                  (Team Navigation!™)

               ..Guided Paddle Programs 


  • Team Navigation!™ - Corp Groups

  • Team Navigation!™ - Schools

  • Guided Paddle Programs (Sunset & Full Moon)
    @ Eagle Creek Park

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Founder Jeff Coates is the Chief Facilitator, Navigator, and Photographer!

2013-10-29-CPI-Wk2-Day2-07 - Version 2


TrueNorth Team Navigation!™ is our unique team building program, where we facilitate outdoor teambuilding using maps and compasses (the international sport of Orienteering).


We divide the group into small teams. They will learn how to use new tools and data to locate hidden checkpoints to solve a puzzle and open a treasure chest!

2020 Dates-Scheduling for mid-late summer

Obviously due to the current coronavirus pandemic "shutdown" situation, group programs like our unique "Team Navigation!™"  are on hold....We'll post, once we know, when our outdoor team building program will be available for the summer of 2020. Stay safe, & practice social isolation!  Hope to see you this summer..!!


Corporate Teambuilding

The program is a 1/2 day format using a downtown Indianapolis setting or a suburban forest setting (Eagle Creek Park).


  • Debriefs-connect activity back to the workplace

  • Fun Awards!

  • Real treasure chest!  

We also take pictures of the groups and prepare a fun photo-slide show DVD as a keepsake!  


Schools/Youth Groups

The unique school program is a week-long, designed for 5th grade and above, that engages small teams of students for 2 interactive days in/at their schools, that prepares them for a field trip to Eagle Creek Park.


On the field trip the students become the teachers, as they teach their chaperones how to Team Navigate!™ in the woods


  • Real Maps & Compasses

  • Multiple Puzzles

  • Treasure Chests

  • Student Problem-Solving

  • Student Decision-Making

  • Student Rotating Roles

  • Student Centered & Led 


Youth Programs have a 1/2 day field trip option at Eagle Creek Park, or a similar 2-day prep version, similar to the school program above, leading to a field trip to Eagle Creek Park.



We also take pictures of the groups, and prepare a fun photo-DVD slide show as a keepsake! 

Guided Sunset Paddle Programs

Jeff Coates is the experienced story-telling guide for these summer paddling programs (canoes and kayaks are available for rental).


(Click on "Paddle Programs" tab for more detailed info!)

2020 Dates-Started Tues July 28, 2020 !!

We started Tues, July 28, 2020, & will continue on Tuesday evenings through-out this summer !!

2020 Guided Sunset Paddle Program
Tuesday Evenings

  • Location:  Eagle Creek Park Marina

  • Dates: Every Tues evening, July 28 through September

Guided Sunset Paddle Program Schedule:

  • 5:00pm-Check-in/Gear PickUp/Sit In Boats

  • 5:30pm-*Safety Orientation/Instructions*

  • 6:00pm-Launch Boats-Leave Shore

  • 8:00pm-Return to Shore
     *Participants must attend 5:30pm Safety Orientation, 


Guided Sunset Paddle Program Prices

  • $32  single kayak

  • $46  double kayak

  • Gate Admission to Park


Guided Full Moon Paddle Program (To Be Determined)

Friday-Saturday Evenings

  • Location:  Eagle Creek Park

  • Dates: Fri-Sat Evenings nearest full moon June-September

Tentative Guided Full Moon Paddle Program Schedule:

  • 6:00pm-Check-In/Paddle/Boat Selection

  • 6:30pm-Safety Talk and Basic Paddle Instruction

  • 7:00pm-Launch Boats

  • 8:30pm-Return


Tentative Guided Full Moon Paddle Program Prices

  • $32  single kayak

  • $46  double kayak

  • Gate Admission to Park

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Paddling Photography

We also take "decisive moment" photographs during the paddle programs for purchase online by registered participants.

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