Team Navigation!™

Team Navigation!™ is a unique teambuilding

methodology used by TrueNorth and Associates in

Central Indiana for:


  • Corporate Groups

  • Schools/Youth Groups


It involves:

  • Dividing Large Group into Small Teams

  • Rotating Team Roles

  • Maps & Compasses

  • Puzzles & Treasure Chest

  • Indoor & Outdoor Locations

  • Problem-Solving

  • Decision-Making

  • Awards

  • Fun !!


Team Navigation!™ is rooted in the international sport of Orienteering.

2020 Dates-TBA

Obviously due to the current coronavirus pandemic "shutdown" situation, group programs like our unique "Team Navigation!™"  are on hold....We'll post, once we know, when our outdoor team building program will be available for the summer of 2020. Stay safe, & practice social isolation!  Hope to see you this summer..!!

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