Team Navigation!™

Team Navigation!™ is a unique teambuilding

methodology used by TrueNorth and Associates in

Central Indiana for:


  • Corporate Groups

  • Schools/Youth Groups


It involves:

  • Dividing Large Group into Small Teams

  • Rotating Team Roles

  • Maps & Compasses

  • Puzzles & Treasure Chest

  • Indoor & Outdoor Locations

  • Problem-Solving

  • Decision-Making

  • Awards

  • Fun !!


Team Navigation!™ is rooted in the international sport of Orienteering.

2020/2021...A Couple of Years to ....Remember (Or Forget)...??!!

Unfortunately, due to the once-in-a-lifetime coronavirus pandemic "shutdown" situation, we had to cancel almost all of our 2020/2021 outdoor TrueNorth Team Navigation!™ group programs (we had a partial program in Spring 2021, & one Fall Program in 2022)....In over 20 years of facilitating this unique outdoor program, obviously we have never had to do this.....But we cancelled out of respect for everyone's health & safety, as well as following CDC pandemic guidelines and Marion County restrictions. Stay safe, consider getting vaccinated, wearing masks indoors, & being mindful of social distancing....  Hope to see you in Spring/Summer/Fall 2022..!!

2013-10-29-CPI-Wk2-Day2-07 - Version 2
...Corporate Groups
...School/Youth Groups