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Team Navigation!™

  • Unique Outdoor Teambuilding

  • Approx 1/2 day format

  • No previous experience needed

  • Urban or forest setting

  • Deadlines, data, new tools

  • Small team problem-solving

  • Rotating team roles

  • Debriefs tie activity back to work

  • Puzzles, treasure chest

  • Team colors...and FUN!!

  • Been doing this since 1998!

2013-10-28-CPI-Wk2-Day1-47 - Version 2

2020-21 Team Navigation!™ Programs

Due to the 2 year coronavirus pandemic situation, group programs like our unique "Team Navigation!™"  were cancelled, in order to keep everyone safe, & to follow CDC guidelines...Here in 2022, we have started offereing this unique program again !!  Contact us if you'd like to consider this unique outdoor program!! We hope you'll get the chance to get outdoors..!!

...Corporate Group Format


Corporate General Format

  • Eagle Creek Park location, NW side of Indianapolis

  • Approximate 1/2 day timetable, either morning or afternoon

  • We can facilitate groups up to approx 100

  • Corporate retreats, teambuilding days, conference off-site activity, association meeting activity, etc

  • Morning or afternoon sessions can begin or end with picnic

  • Long-standing corporate format can be customized

  • Small teams of 3-4/team

  • Up to 90 minutes of walking in woods at Eagle Creek Park

  • Custom debriefs connect activity to workplace situations

  • All navigation equipment provided

  • International sport of Orienteering is root of activity

  • High quailty maps & compassses are provided

  • Custom music slide show is made of group experience


...Corporate Benefits

Corporate Benefits

  • Get out of the office, change of scenery and business attire

  • Off-site location

  • Fun, highly interactive activity with twists, surprises, challenges

  • Learn some lifetime navigation skills

  • Custom, valuable debriefs, discussions connected back to work

  • Team process involves role rotation, engagement of all

  • No minimum fitness level required

  • Works well for all ages, both male and female (who navigates better, men or women?!!)

  • Adapted roles available for special needs adults


...Example Debrief Topics
  • Comfort Zone vs Panic Zone

  • Situational Team Roles (lead vs follow)

  • Reacting to Unfair Situatins, Deadlines, Stress

  • Handoffs/Follow-Up

  • Competition vs Collaboration

  • Developing/Adjusting Strategies

  • Goal Setting-Benchmarking

  • "Paint the Moving Bus"

  • Ends Justify the Means?

  • Reaction to Mistakes

  • Asking Questions Allowed?

  • Dealing with Distractions

  • Team Relations/Roles

  • Debriefing/Recognition/Celebration

...TrueNorth Model

Written Contract

  • We meet in person to discuss teambuilding goals

  • Identify any special needs participants

  • Written contract identifies what to can expect from us

  • Also identifies what company needs to provide


Fun, Safe Activity

  • No minimum fitness level required

  • No previous background in navigation or maps needed

  • Walking in groups is the physical activity

  • Safety precautions will be outlined

  • Clothing and footwear suggestions will be identified


Challenge By Choice

  • Company input/approval into format

  • We create climate of engagement, inclusiveness, participation

  • We gently challenge comfort zones, but not panic zones

  • Alternative activiites or roles are availale for special needs

  • Team choice, decision-making, determine outcomes



  • We believe in feedback and evaluation

  • Written evaluations provided to all participants

  • Suggestions/feedback welcome!



  • We believe in the value of reflection and feeback, and provide a written evaluation form for each student, chaperone and teacher.  Here are some example testimonials:


  • "Thank you for this well-organized & well-excuted activity! Great time!"


  • "The activity was a perfect metaphor for breaking down silos"


  • "Most favorite part was we could create a plan and our facilitator was flexible."


  • "This team-building exercise exceeded my expectations.  I had a lot of fun with the exercise and learning about the goals of the exercise.  The team-building exercise itself ighlighted some challenges we face everyday as a SQA team.  I thought the team-building was enlighting"


  • "I thought it was the right mix of "hands-on" and "discussion exercises."


  • "I had hoped team our would participate & could gain more understanding of each other.  I think it went better than expected & folks were actively engaged & got a lot out of it."


  • "Thank you for your insight and ability of making us feel welcome.  You have a very calm nature which helps calm the stress and nerves of anticipation."


  • "Excellent activity that I would recommend to other companies.  Not only did we learn a practical skill (map reading), but we discovered interesting things about each other.  A very bonding activity that definitely builds team spirit."

...Example Past Clients
  • Borshoff

  • Children's Museum of Indianapolis

  • Calument Lubricants

  • Crew Technical Services

  • Delta Faucet

  • Deer Run School

  • Ernst & Young

  • Exact Target

  • FinishMaster

  • First National Bank

  • Guide Corp

  • IGIC

  • International Aerospace Tubes

  • IPL

  • Lilly

  • Peace Learning Center

  • Pepper Construction

  • Pepsi

  • RCI

  • Roche Diagnostics

  • United Water

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