Team Navigation!™

  • Unique Outdoor Teambuilding

  • Approx 1/2 day format

  • No previous experience needed

  • Urban or forest setting

  • Deadlines, data, new tools

  • Small team problem-solving

  • Rotating team roles

  • Debriefs tie activity back to work

  • Puzzles, treasure chest

  • Team colors...and FUN!!

  • Been doing this since 1998!

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2021 Team Navigation!™ Programs

Due to the current coronavirus pandemic situation, group programs like our unique "Team Navigation!™"  are on temporary hold...Contact us if you'd like to consider this unique outdoor program beginning in the Fall/Winter of 2021, or Spring of 2022. Stay safe, & please consider getting vaccinated, wearing masks indoors, & being mindful of social distancing..!!  Hope you can get outdoors..!!

...Corporate Group Format


Corporate General Format

  • Eagle Creek Park location, NW side of Indianapolis

  • Approximate 1/2 day timetable, either morning or afternoon

  • We can facilitate groups up to approx 100

  • Corporate retreats, teambuilding days, conference off-site activity, association meeting activity, etc

  • Morning or afternoon sessions can begin or end with picnic

  • Long-standing corporate format can be customized

  • Small teams of 3-4/team

  • Up to 90 minutes of walking in woods at Eagle Creek Park

  • Custom debriefs connect activity to workplace situations

  • All navigation equipment provided

  • International sport of Orienteering is root of activity

  • High quailty maps & compassses are provided

  • Custom music slide show is made of group experience


...Corporate Benefits

Corporate Benefits

  • Get out of the office, change of scenery and business attire

  • Off-site location

  • Fun, highly interactive activity with twists, surprises, challenges

  • Learn some lifetime navigation skills

  • Custom, valuable debriefs, discussions connected back to work

  • Team process involves role rotation, engagement of all

  • No minimum fitness level required

  • Works well for all ages, both male and female (who navigates better, men or women?!!)

  • Adapted roles available for special needs adults


...Example Debrief Topics
  • Comfort Zone vs Panic Zone

  • Situational Team Roles (lead vs follow)

  • Reacting to Unfair Situatins, Deadlines, Stress

  • Handoffs/Follow-Up

  • Competition vs Collaboration

  • Developing/Adjusting Strategies

  • Goal Setting-Benchmarking

  • "Paint the Moving Bus"

  • Ends Justify the Means?

  • Reaction to Mistakes

  • Asking Questions Allowed?

  • Dealing with Distractions

  • Team Relations/Roles

  • Debriefing/Recognition/Celebration

...TrueNorth Model

Written Contract

  • We meet in person to discuss teambuilding goals

  • Identify any special needs participants

  • Written contract identifies what to can expect from us

  • Also identifies what company needs to provide


Fun, Safe Activity

  • No minimum fitness level required

  • No previous background in navigation or maps needed

  • Walking in groups is the physical activity

  • Safety precautions will be outlined

  • Clothing and footwear suggestions will be identified


Challenge By Choice

  • Company input/approval into format

  • We create climate of engagement, inclusiveness, participation

  • We gently challenge comfort zones, but not panic zones

  • Alternative activiites or roles are availale for special needs

  • Team choice, decision-making, determine outcomes



  • We believe in feedback and evaluation

  • Written evaluations provided to all participants

  • Suggestions/feedback welcome!


  • We believe in the value of reflection and feeback, and provide a written evaluation form for each student, chaperone and teacher.  Here are some example testimonials:


  • "Thank you for this well-organized & well-excuted activity! Great time!"


  • "The activity was a perfect metaphor for breaking down silos"


  • "Most favorite part was we could create a plan and our facilitator was flexible."


  • "This team-building exercise exceeded my expectations.  I had a lot of fun with the exercise and learning about the goals of the exercise.  The team-building exercise itself ighlighted some challenges we face everyday as a SQA team.  I thought the team-building was enlighting"


  • "I thought it was the right mix of "hands-on" and "discussion exercises."


  • "I had hoped team our would participate & could gain more understanding of each other.  I think it went better than expected & folks were actively engaged & got a lot out of it."


  • "Thank you for your insight and ability of making us feel welcome.  You have a very calm nature which helps calm the stress and nerves of anticipation."


  • "Excellent activity that I would recommend to other companies.  Not only did we learn a practical skill (map reading), but we discovered interesting things about each other.  A very bonding activity that definitely builds team spirit."

...Example Past Clients
  • Borshoff

  • Children's Museum of Indianapolis

  • Calument Lubricants

  • Crew Technical Services

  • Delta Faucet

  • Deer Run School

  • Ernst & Young

  • Exact Target

  • FinishMaster

  • First National Bank

  • Guide Corp

  • IGIC

  • International Aerospace Tubes

  • IPL

  • Lilly

  • Peace Learning Center

  • Pepper Construction

  • Pepsi

  • RCI

  • Roche Diagnostics

  • United Water